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Language Connections

Meta language for the 21st century

Today’s technological and systems culture  and the Human / Machine interaction,  rely heavily on the main Cybernetics principles of Communication , feedback and Control. These principles resemble the human cognition meaning- based natural mechanisms: Connections,  Collaboration and Creativity / Innovation. Together with human Relevance Realization cognitive mechanism,  these human factors  are the core of Human meaning- based intelligence. Our cognitive skills and capacities are crucial to scientific inquiries’ processes and skills. in the complex  and emergent environments we live in. The information –based intelligence enabling the “Cognitive Internet of Things” and the various machine applications, all depend on our natural cognitive skills and capacities partly innate or acquired.

We have more than 15  year  experience  nurturing and developing  these skills and capacities in intercultural educational and workplace arenas.     

Young children’s cognitive ability to make inferences about situations they had never encountered, such as counterfactual  events, accepting different possibilities and causal reasoning – are human basic meaning –based cognitive first skills. In various seminars, consulting programs and training formats ” Language Connections ” team has helped such youngsters and  their parents, In USA, Europe, Japan , China and the Middle East acquire 21st century skills and capacities.


    Wisdom and Storytelling

   Your passwords for the 21st century

 by Language Connections

Language Connections is a group of experienced specialists in

* New media * Intercultural social networks  (tutoring, design and management)
* Wisdom and Storytelling skills for all * Cognitive higher-order skills and creativity  for both low & high achievers
Our new topics of interest are related to
 the social , cultural and personal phases that follow the first phase of the current digital technology revolution.   “What have we learned and what shall we ask next?” Paraphrasing Prof. Sonia Livingstone words: Language Connections   team  is trying  to contribute its gained insights  and learned lessons from the last 13 years  of research and ground-up field work with  thousands   of  participants  coming from different social, cultural and personal backgrounds.   The then  pioneering projects,  provided the basis for nowadays updated models we are offering. Along the years,  two  key  questions constantly emerged  in our  projects, referring to  human cognition  rather than to  technology and found to be central to the success of future  project:
a) What is Wisdom that now precedes  Knowledge and Information in the new cognitive pyramid  (requiring a pragmatic  rather than  philosophical / ethical  answer)    b) What is unique  in human perception/ conception cognitive mechanism,  different from  other living organisms on Earth?
(referring to the fact that our Reality is not discovered, but literally “invented” by us).
From our search for answers to these two key questions,  four operational topics emerged: *The need to redefine Wisdom. *The need  to develop  dialogic communication *The need to design  lifelong  educational programs. * The need to better emphasize the role of  storytelling.
Each one of our various projects and programs is designed to address these operational key topics. They are based on embedded capacities and teachable skills, nurtured  in  special  environments, with  specially developed  enhancing methodologies. It is relevant to individuals and groups in the educational, business and organizational arenas.
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