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Language Connections in “Shine your light project” by Will Smith

by gal (click here for full post)

Language Connections participated in Will Smith‘s “Shine Your Light” project.

The project, fostering tolerance, was introduced by Will Smith at the Wiesenthal Center‘s National Tribute Dinner in Los Angeles 3 months ago. The international Jewish human rights organization Simon Wiesenthal Center has bestowed its highest honor, the 2009 Humanitarian award, on Hollywood mega-star Will Smith. The award was given for his commitment to education, cultural diversity, and social responsibility.

Will Smith had online video dialogues with children around the world . Language Connections’ young representative participated as well.

As part of the “Shine Your Light” project, Will Smith and the young international participants wrote a poem collaboratively.

Here, you can see  a picture of part of the poem with Will Smith’s  first lines followed by the other participants.

Language Connections‘ contribution is 4th in row.

More pictures will come soon

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