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Dark Urban Narratives, by Daniel Roberts

by gal (click here for full post)

Dark Urban Narratives are part of Snowblog CT net city project, focusing on urban evironment as its main theme. The idea behind the Dark Urban Narratives is to provide a literary imaginative ”  mirror picture” to the urban narratives that are cultural/social reporting oriented.


There was once a rat living in New York, whose name was Matilda. Like all rats, Matilda’s morning routine consisted of running through a man made  maze. “How boring and pointless.” Matilda thought to herself one day. “To think I spend day after day stuck in this maze, when I could enjoy the richness of the world outside.” But Matilda’s routine went on, until one day, Matilda’s owner left her cage open   and she ran away. “At last! So long, Maze. I hope I’ll never see you again! New York, Here I come!”

But Matilda soon realized that New York City isn’t the right place for a rat.

Everywhere she went, people kicked her away. “Filthy rat! Get out of here!”, but Matilda wasn’t quick to give up. She gathered food, and hid in the places no one would expect her to. Her favorite hiding place was the Cinema’s screening room. “This might not be the most comfortable place, but at least I can eat some popcorn, and enjoy the classics.” Matilda thought as she watched “Casablanca”, and ate popcorn from a cup she had stolen. “A rat could get used to living here.”

But Matilda’s luck had ran out again, and The Cinema was closed down. “No more popcorn, And no more Bogart. Where can I go to next?” she thought, quite bitter after the Cinema was closed down. She was alone in the streets, without anyone that could take care of her. “Living in The Big Apple is overrated. I miss my owner.”, “Hey, you.” A voice called out, and it seemed as if Matilda’s luck had returned when she spotted a large, over-fed rat, wearing a miniature trench coat and fedora. “Fancy some work?” he asked her, and walked over to her. “What kind of work?” she asked, while shaking uncontrollably from the cold. Matilda noticed that a group of rats started to encircle her and the large rat.  They were all wearing miniature trench coats, and looked very menacing. “Well, see.  My name is Freddie, and these are my boys. We rule the streets here. We get young rats like you to take what’s ours from people.” “You mean steal.” “Well, yes. In a manner of speaking. We find them a nice place in the big city, get them food.  We take care of them. So what do you think, Kiddo? Are you in?” Matilda thought long and hard. She really didn’t like Freddie, and she started to miss her old life. “Well, I know you’re fancying yourself as Fagen, but I’m not going to be your Oliver Twist. No thanks, Freddie.”

The rats all looked at Freddie, excepting him to get angry at Matilda.  Instead, he started to laugh. “Listen, Kiddo, no rat in this town says no to Freddie. Let’s see how you make it on your own.” He started to walk away, but Matilda wasn’t finished.  “I think you should let the others go, too.” Freddie turned around, and looked at her.  He was clearly angry now. Young rats were climbing out of their hiding places to watch the confrontation.  “No one bosses Freddie around, you get that?   I rule these streets.” Matilda looked at her crowd, and then back at Freddie. “That’s funny. I don’t see a crown. Do you know what I think, Freddie? I think you’re a fat, pathetic rat who uses other rats to steal for him to make himself look big. But guess what? You’re a rat, just like all of us. You’re not bigger than any of us.” That was the last straw for Freddie. He jumped at Matilda, who defended herself.  Matilda bit Freddie, and kicked him aside. Everyone was amazed.  Freddie was lying on the floor, whimpering. “GET HER, BOYS!”  he yelled, but none of the other rats listened to him.  They all cast Matilda admiring looks. “No one ever talked to Freddie like that before.”  One of the young rats said. “Well, you all should have, long ago.” “Maybe you can lead us instead?” another rat asked, quite excited by the prospect. “Oh, no. I think I’ve had enough of the big city. I’m going back to my maze. Take care of yourselves.” “Will we ever see you again?” another young rat asked. “Sure. You can come visit me, even if my owner won’t like it much.  I’ll give you a bit of advice, though- Life in the Big City is hard enough as it is for a rat.  Don’t you let anyone boss you around.” And with those words, she left the city and went back to her maze.

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May 30th, 2013

I love to come back on a regular basis,post more on the subject )

June 8th, 2013

Thank you for your nice comments.
We will come back with more stories soon.
June 4th, 2013

There are so many developers working on this segment but this is one of the best innovative idea ever.
June 7th, 2013

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July 10th, 2013

Keep it up, wonderful job! Exactly what I had to have.
September 10th, 2013

So interesting to reaad. Very informatively !Thanks.

September 30th, 2013

I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts and I consciously put into practice your concepts as they allow us to..

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