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Snowblog CT net city @ MIT LINC 2010 Conference, Cambridge MA

by gal (click here for full post)

Approximately 200 participants from 40 different countries converged at the MIT Learning International Networks Consortium (LINC) 2010 Conference on May 23-26, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, titled “University Leadership: Bringing Technology-Enabled Education to Learners of All Ages.”

Gal Springman, Language Connections Chairperson, presented “Snowblog CT net city” project, based on Snowblog project series developed by Language Connections Organization, at the MIT LINC conference.

In the current Snowblog CTnetcity project, Urban environments were chosen as the common shared theme. An authentic topic for every participant, allowing diverse, but mutually enriching approaches: documentary research-based and fictional literary expression, using blended verbal and visual multi-media.

Chinese Science students enjoyed visual and verbal narratives and artistic assignments, students of Humanistic discipline from the US and Ukraine practiced scientific action research and photography as social inquiry, Palestinian and Israeli students exchanged topics of common interest, all learned from the technology savvy Americans and their teacher, Associate Professor Ludmila Smirnova, how to integrate web 2.0 tools to their learning and content production.

Individual and collaborative e- portfolios were created. Tutors helped develop critical higher order thinking and creativity.

Buds of group identity have been developed, despite the limited time.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank the local tutors who co led the project with Gal Springman, to its successful outcomes:

Ms. Ying Qu from the Chinese academy of Sciences, Shanghai.

Associate professor Nina Lyulkun, Associate Professor at Khmel’nyts’ky National University, Ukraine

Tatiana Zubenko, Associate Professor at Mykolayiv State University named after Sukhomlynskyi

And Associate Professor Ludmila Smirnova, Associate Professor at Mount Saint Mary College.

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