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The missing corner stone in nowadays intercultural learning and working environments – a new practical model developed in “Snowblog CTnet city” project by Language Connections Organization

by gal (click here for full post)

Designing and implementing intercultural distance education environments, as well as planning cross-cultural workplaces in organizations, in today’s diverse societies, might be frustrating. The amazing technological leap forward has not been matched by a cognitive development and necessary competences.

Outcomes in both intercultural distance education projects and in cross – cultural organizational team work, depend on interpersonal and intergroup empathic and collaborative dialogues. Such dialogues emerge in a lab-like process, nurturing the 21st century competences in a specially designed social environment.

“SnowblogCT netcity” provides such a model.

It has been developed by Language Connections Organization based on several proof of concept pilot projects and many implementations among youth and K-12 university students from four different geographic regions, across a wide array of individual and group divides, gaps and differences.

The model, which was presented at MIT LINC international conference ( Cambridge USA, May 2010) can be integrated in any existing system.

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Leo Salazar
June 29th, 2010

I’d be interested to read more about this model. Link?

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