Language ConnectionsMeta Language for collaborating wise individuals in the 21st century. ( since 1999 )

Our approach

Our approach

A.    Understanding that successful and long lasting empathic interaction among members of different groups (social \ ethno-cultural\ religious \ national \ etc.) can only be the outcome of a “lab-like” multidisciplinary process, especially with groups having deep-rooted history of conflict.

B.    Using independent online social networking, apart from the existing public social networks, building gated communities as a functional ad-hoc social environment – serving as a new shared reference group for all participants.

C.    Applying selective relevant conditions from the field of group social-psychology and mainly- adjusting them to the 21st century’s digital world.

D.   Developing pedagogical approaches to encourage inquiry-based collaborative learning, multicultural competence and empathy to the other.

E.    Using English language, the modern “lingua franca”, as a neutral language, detached from existing negative overloads among participants.

F.    Knowing that true dialogue can develop only between critical thinkers, creative, good comprehenders of meaning and literate people. Thus empowering participants, helping them acquire higher order thinking, is prioritized in our model, while at the same time adapting content-based activities to cultural differences.