Language ConnectionsMeta Language for collaborating wise individuals in the 21st century. ( since 1999 )

Key Milestones

Key Milestones

1999-2000 Initiating professionalmeetings and  seminars with a small group of  Jewish, Christian and Muslim educators and English teachers and arranging regional students’ exchange delegation.

The first steps of the dialog project with exchange of letters between Jewish and Muslim classes- sent with the teachers’  home fax machines.

Founding Language Connections organization and organizing a multicultural team of educators all working on a voluntary basis.

2003 Presenting the multiculturaldialog model and its implementationat  UNESCO international conference on intercultural education, Finland (click)

2003 -2004 Implementations of several pilot projects partially sponsored by the Belgium government, with Arab and Jewish elementary school students and with a group of Palestinian children from Gaza and Rafah.

The beginning of a three – year “proof of concept” project among high school students from a Jewish school in Tel Aviv and a Muslim school in Jaffa.

Dialog model workshops in East Jerusalem for Palestinian and Israeliteachers.

2005 participating as consultants in EU three- year INTCULTNET Project, connecting university students from five European countries.

Dialog model international workshop in Tel Aviv for teachers from the CzechRepublic, Finland and Serbia.

Implementation of the dialog model among Jewish Israeli and American youth in San Francisco.

2004 – 2011 participating in Apple sponsored international educational online project with 17 classes from all over the world. (going on for the fourth year)

2006 – 2007 Online presentation of the dialog model to KitaCity board of education (Japan).

Beginning a series of online meetings and video conferences with students and teachers from Japan, China, Peru, USA, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

Dialog model workshop in Assykkala Finland with Finnish, Czech, Serbian, Israeli (both Jewish and Arab) and Palestinian teachers.

Two high-school classes from Finland join Language Connections project.

Opening an intercultural students’ photo exhibition at Tzavta Theater Complex Tel Aviv

Prof. Tapio Varis – is supervisinga Ph.D. research evaluatingLanguage Connections’ dialogue model.

October 2007 Gal Springman participates as an invited speaker in MIT LINC Conference  in Amman: Technology-Enabled Education: A Catalyst for Positive Change.

Launching Language Connections’ Jerusalem CTnetCity project, connecting Muslim high school students from Jabel Mukkaber with Jewish high school students from West Jerusalem.

A school fromKita City , Japan, joins Language Connections activities,

A schoolfrom Hong Kong and a class of university students from the Shanghai, China,both join Language Connections’ Snowblogprogram.

2009-2010 Launching the global version of Snowblog Ct net city

April 2010 : Organizing and moderating  an international Webinar with English teachers from China, Japan, Ukraine and  USA  at Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

May 2010 Presenting Snowblog CTNetcity project at MIT LINC Conference: University Leadership-

Bringing Technology-Enabled Education to Learners of All Ages.

2007 – 2011 – Designing, coordinating and moderating a web-based social community of learners with PhD students from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2012-2013- Developing a special model for programs targeting elderly people.