Language ConnectionsMeta Language for collaborating wise individuals in the 21st century. ( since 1999 )



Self  Narratives On the Web (in Words and Pictures) is  Language Connections‘ specially designed web-based environment. The  innovative pedagogical  strategies, its social technologies profile and digital media tools, its specially adjusted social psychological conditions  of  intragroup and intergroup online interactions  and its thematic content management, have been developed by Language Connections‘ team conducted and researched by Gal Springman.  They are  based on  8 years of  field work with high school and university students, from various  ethno-cultural communities in the Middle East, Europe and China, all participating in Language Connections‘ projects.‘s graphics and operating design  have been developed by Ine Deahandschutter .  


The essence of lies in building and managing gated web-based social communities of learners. It facilitates social intergroup and intragroup  interpersonal interactions, and fosters empathic dialogues, across religious, socio-cultural and group identity differences.

It is a “high touch” “high tech” computer- mediated and tutor- assisted environment  with  common major themes and inquiry-based collaborative learning.


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