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Help us find Matilda!

On April 15, the Tel Aviv Cinematheque will host a unique event of the Language Connections organization.  The  event is devoted to Urban Narratives.  Youth from cities all over the world will share their stories.  As we prepare for it, a special urban narrative is spreading among our many participants – the tale of Matilda, a streetwise rat with an attitude.  But we have no pictures of her!

So we are announcing a contest:  Draw Matilda for us!

To get a written description of her and a contest application form, mail to: [email protected] Entries will be accepted till April 10th, and the winner will be announced at the Cinematheque event!  The prize is a ticket to the Ramat Gan Safari, and of course, publication of your name as the artist who created Matilda!!!  Her picture will grace our website and accompany her stories!