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Our Friend and partner

samira at pnina july 2008 116

Our friend and partner from Gaza.

Gal’s  son, Daniel (22) who has known Samira since he was7 , wrote this message a few years ago:

What can I say about Chanuka that hasn’t already been said?  It’s a very special holiday, one in which we celebrate our victory over the Greek empire, and those swayed by its culture.  And at a time like this, I’m wondering if it really is worth celebrating.  I won’t talk about how much our culture has degraded, even though it’s an issue that bothers me to this very day, I l simply want  to tell you about my Chanuka experience

Last year,I  had the chance to celebrate Chanuka with one of my parents’ friends,  one that I can honestly call a very brave and special woman,  named Samira

Samira is a language teacher, in a school called New Abraham Centre, in Gaza. For the past 10 years, this brave woman has engaged in peace building activities, connecting youth from Israeli and Palestinian students. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to celebrate this Chanuka with her.  The situation in Gaza has worsened,  making face to face meetings  impossible

They speak of miracles in Chanuka, and my hope in this special holiday, which I hold very dear, that people would finally understand enough blood has been shed in our country, and violence is not the answer. Only through dialogue we would ever be able to solve this conflict

 .That is will be my Chanuka miracle


Samira and Daniel in Tel Aviv , 2008106


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